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I created the products on this page - designed them and either had them
professionally printed or I produced them using my 3D Printer. 
The designs were to solve issues I've had during our years of RVing. 
These products are one-of-a-kind, available no where else.

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S2 Bit Handle RV S2 Bit Handles - An Are You RV Ready Exclusive! 

 If you own an RV, then you what S2 square bit screws are.  During a facility tour at an RV manufacturer, the guide was sharing several bits of trivia, like the average 26 foot travel trailer has 2.7 miles of wiring inside.  One of the mind blowing examples was that many 30 foot fifth wheel units have over 1500 S2-RV screws used in their construction.  I know our 44 foot unit seems to have twice that many because I always seem to be tightening one (or more) up.  Well, I created these small handle drivers so I didn't have to keep going to the toolbox for a bit driver every time I found a loose screw.  I created them in two versions - the regular hex bit handle and the smaller, key ring version.  I keep one in a kitchen drawer, one on my key ring and another in a bedroom drawer.  No more hunting the toolbox or bit driver!  These have proven incredibly popular with folks we've met at RV Parks so I've made them available here on the site.  $5.00 for the traditional or $3.50 for the keyring version.
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Fridge Shelf Lock
Pair Installed
Refrigerator Expandable Rod Locks.  What?? 

Another Are You RV Ready exclusive! 
 And another idea born out of disaster.  More than once, we've arrived at our destination and found things in the refrigerator had moved all around and some items came crashing out of the refridgerator when we opened the door. So we bought a few sets of those Camco expandable rods that spring into place and are supposed to keep your items on the shelf - where you put them.  They work pretty good but can shift and fall off - that is until now.  With these rod locks, your expandable shelf rods can't move or dislodge anymore.  Simply peel the adhesive strip and place the rods on the refrigerator side walls where the rod ends would normally be placed.  Now, instead of wedging the rod into place, you simply tighten the rod so that the ends are firmly extended into the rod locks.  SIMPLE!  Buy two for use on one shelf or save a little and buy a six-pack, enough to complete three shelves.
Refrigerator Expandable Rod Locks - Select Package
Share with a friend decal Life is Better - When Shared With A Friend 

An Are You RV Ready web site exclusive
.  These vehicle decals are made for us #M Scotchcal film and will last years.  Life is Better, When Shared with a Friend..  $5.00